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Set a Countdown Timer that counts down in seconds, minutes, hours, and days. You can use this Online Stopwatch for free and easy to countdown from any time according to needs. When is time over, it will alert you. So, set your time and then hit the "Start Timer" button.


Are you looking for set a custom timer? In below, we have ready to use some pre-set timers list (second 1-60, minute 1-60, hour 1-24, day 1-30) for you. Just click your needed time value, it will be open next page and click the "Start" button to start count down time.

Remember! If you didn't found here your countdown timer, simply make any timer from above which you want.

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What is an Online Countdown Timer?

Have you ever heard of an online countdown timer? Even if you are not familiar with online countdown timers, you may be familiar with electronic timer countdowns. An online countdown timer is a type of virtual countdown timer that works just like an electric timer. It indicates the conclusion or starting of an offer or event by counting down from a specific date as well as number.

Moreover, we need to measure time concisely in some exceptional cases. For example, we need to count the time while cooking food or exercising. An online countdown timer can be a beneficial tool in these cases. A countdown timer's principal aim is to generate a sense of urgency and provide the impression that time ran out.

How to use the online timer?

The functionalities of an online countdown timer are almost the same as an electrical countdown timer. So, if you have used an electrical or mechanical countdown before, you can easily use this tool. However, all the concern gathers when it comes to a newbie. So, it is a frequent question from a newbie that how to use the online timer? Follow this step-by-step guide to use an online timer.

Step 01: Access the tool.

To use an online timer, first of all, open any browser software and then go to the Online Countdown Timer Official Website.

Step 02: Set the Time

After accessing the tool, now it is time to set the time you need. Just click on the second, minute, hour, or even day and enter the value to set the time. You can set it multiple times to run the timer.

Step 03: Start your Journey

After setup the time, now the countdown time is ready to work for you. Just click on the Start Timer button. One of the most amazing things about this tool is that it will also allow you to use it as a stopwatch as well as a Pomodoro Timer.

Benefits of Using Online Countdown Timers

Time is of the essence in the lives of all of us. And we need a tool to calculate this time. And in this case, an online countdown timer can be one of the most helpful tools. Using an online countdown timer will give you many benefits. The advantages of an online countdown timer are discussed below.

It makes sense of urgency.

One of the most benefits of using an online countdown timer is that it makes sense of urgency. A countdown timer awakens in us a sense of the importance of time in our lives. It is mostly true that desire loses its value without a sense of urgency. In each case of our lives, time is of the essence, and time is of the essence. In e-commerce terms, a countdown timer increases product value to the customer and motivates them to purchase products faster.

It keeps punctuality

One of the great benefits of Online Countdown Timer is that it keeps you updated with time. In other words, it helps you to be punctual by completing all the tasks on time. Using this tool, you can easily maintain a routine of all work.

Motivates Purchases

An online countdown timer will be a beneficial tool for a WooCommerce marketer because it motivates the customer to purchase. On the other way, an online countdown timer can benefit a marketer to manage more customers. All countdown timer tool uses psychological tricks to motivate the customers to purchase a specific product and service. This tool work best for the person who can't make an immediate decision. This tool helps to make an immediate decision over their dual mind.

Reduces time wastage

One of the advantages of this online-based timer tool is that it reduces the amount of time wasted by the user. You will get a notification after a certain period of time by setting up this tool for how long you have to do any work. This will ensure proper use of your time and reduce time wastage.

Psychology: The Key to Making Countdown Timers Work

A countdown timer is one of the valuable tools that keep you on time. There are a lot of different advantages to using this kind of tool. A countdown timer also does a great job of making sense of the urgency of the time. Moreover, you can easily maintain your routine of allocating specific time for specific tasks. Moreover, you can reduce your time wastage by getting a notification at the end of the allotted time.

Several kinds of research prove that using a countdown tool to an E-commerce website will benefit you in different ways. Several researchers claim that adding a countdown timer to a website will increase the overall revenue up to 10%. This tool also increases customer engagement in a website and enhances sales. It also has been claimed that this countdown tool is able to improve time completion.

On the other hand, a countdown timer can enhance the conversation quickly. A lot of E-commerce websites utilize scarcity in a single form or even another. It is one of the principles as well as can be an ideal starting point for marketers to attract buyers. It is one of the simple yet effective tricks.

Where to Use a Countdown Timer?

The countdown timer is one of the most popular tools which help you to maintain your valuable time properly. Here are a lot of suitable places for the countdown timer. Here is a shortlist of where a countdown timer will be used.

In the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the ideal places where you can have an online countdown timer. Sometimes we need a specific time to boil or fry several ingredients to prepare food. In this case, you will need to countdown time properly. An online timer will save you money since you don't have to pay for a free countdown tool. So, using a countdown timer will be very helpful for you in your kitchen to prepare food.

In the Reading Room

You can use this online-based countdown timer in your reading room. You can maximize your reading by utilizing this tool. You can easily set how much time you want to spend on a subject in these tools and get alerts after a particular time. This will help you maintain your reading routine. You will never lose your reading routine or timetable again while you add this timer to your reading table.

In the Classroom

The Online countdown timer will be very helpful for a teacher or professor. From a school to a university, this tool is an ideal tool for each and every classroom. It will help the teachers to take their class from time to time. It also helps to maintain the class routine for teachers as well as students. In addition to the classroom, this tool can be used in the laboratory to calculate time for various testing tasks.

On landing Page

The website landing page is one of the other most applicable places for countdown timers. You can integrate an online countdown timer before landing a complete website. It will inform your visitor of the exact time and date when your website will be ready to provide service. You can also use this tool to highlight special offers' starting and ending dates.

In the sports field

One of the other most applicable places for Online timers is in the sports field. We need to calculate our specific time during various training or workouts. This online-based countdown timer can be very helpful in this case. This allows you to use the stopwatch as well as the time count.

In Email Marketing

There is a lot of ways to use a countdown timer in email marketing, and it might be an excellent area for someone. You can use an online countdown time tool in email marketing to mark starting as well as ending time for an even. You can also highlight several discount offers on your service using a free countdown timer. It also helps you to schedule your particular service.

In daily life

You can use these tools in your daily life. Because it will help you to do all your work on time, suppose you have to join an event 2 days from today. Then you can set that day here for the countdown. This will remind you of your event by sending you a notification at a specific time.


What is the best online stopwatch?

If you are looking for the best versatile and highly functional online-based stopwatch tool, then Countdown Timer Online Clock will be the best option for you. It is one of the most popular online countdown timers, as well as a functional stopwatch.

Is Online Countdown Tool free to use?

Online Countdown Timer is one of the best and most popular online timer tools. This tool is tool-tally free to use. You don’t have to pay any cost to use or access this tool.

Can I use my phone as a timer?

Your Smartphone device's established Timer app may function as an alarm clock, a kitchen clock, and a stopwatch for timed activities. Your device's built-in Clock application may operate a bit differently—up that's to the Android device's manufacturer.

Final Words

Time and tide wait for none! An online countdown timer will be a helpful tool that can make proper use of time. With this tool, you can easily maintain your daily routine and reduce wasting your precious time. It will also be constructive for an E-commerce website; you can engage more customers to make an immediate purchase. A time countdown tool also will be a helpful tool in your kitchen. Overall this tool will help you to ensure the proper use of your time.